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Our Activities

NAB Stands for WOMEN

Activities for Women Empowerment

NAB aims at socio-economic empowerment and mainstreaming of blind women, besides ensuring them rehabilitation and welfare services and capacitating them to play a more pro-active role in the society.Because here at NAB we consider the blind women no less than any normal women we consider them even  more special and abled. They have been blessed with a superpower of seeing things even without vision,they do each and every task like a normal woman.And this is our ultimate aim at NAB.We want every individual to grow and live a prosperous life irrespective of his/her any kind of disability,because life never comes around twice and no disability should be given importance enough that it limits their living of life with happiness and freedom.

because its not the disability that stops but its the mentality.

mentality of every other individual towards the disabled.We should consider them no superior and no inferior  but just as equal and ordinary like us who deserve the privilege of everything that we have.This is the need of hour

Workshop by NAB on Health Care for Visually Impaired Women

A  workshop on  reproductive health and health care for visually blind women was conducted by the honorary General Secretary of NAB U.P.Shri. Satya Kumar Singh for the litigation of women’s interest and right of Healthy Lifestyle.

This workshop aimed at imparting of basic reproduction and health care knowledge to the blind women so that they can live a life as happy,healthy,prosperous and a complete life just like any other women out there living in the world

This workshop was honored by the most benign presence of several blind right women activists and social workers adding to the glory of the workshop.

We have got women exceling in all aspects

Distributing Scholarship to Blind Women
Empowering women at NAB making them confident and independent
Empowering them not just in education but it other fields as well

Educational Activities

Integrated Education Programme

1. Integrated Education Programme

NAB has so far initiated education of more than 100 visually challenged children through “Itinerant Teacher Model” of IE, wherein blind children reside with their

families and attend the nearest regular schools. They receive the services of a special educator called itinerant teacher, who attends to the following tasks:

a. Teaching plus curriculum that is Braille, use of special arithmetic and geometric devices, orientation & mobility, activities of daily living and so on.

b. Preparing/procuring instructional materials like Braille/large print text-books, tactile maps, diagrams etc.

c.    Family counseling.

d.    Serving as a link between the child and the school authorities and providing guidance on classroom management, remedial teaching for subjects like math

and science, peer tutoring and  evaluation.

e.    Community Resource Mobilization – arranging for readers, scribes, transcribers, private tutors, etc. NAB presently operates 11 IE units, catering more than

100 visually challenged children in Lucknow, Sitapur and Hardoi districts Uttar Pradesh, with a budgetary outlay of about Rs.16,50,000/-. The cost of education of one blind child is Rs. 15,000/- per year.

Human Resource Development Programs


Primarily aimed at community participation in IE Programs, the Department conducts short-term training programs for parents, volunteers and itinerant and regular teachers, throughout India. Integrated Camps are also organized at various locations to provide blind and sighted children the opportunity to come together and learn from each other. Similarly, special skills enrichment camps for visually challenged children are organized during vacations, to give them rigorous and intensive training in plus curriculum.


Home-based program for Multi-Disabled Visually Impaired(MDVI)children

The additional disabilities MDVI children possess along with visual impairment are mental retardation, hearing impairment, autism, hyper activity, cerebral palsy etc. Itinerant teachers train these children in developmental areas like motor skills, communication, sensory skills, concept formation, activities of daily living,orientation and mobility, functional academics, pre-vocational skills, social skills, community-based instructions etc. Parents teacher meetings, picnics, outings, social gatherings, festival celebration, camps etc., are a regular feature in this program. NAB operates 4 units of home based program catering to 30 MDVI students. Cost of education of one MDVI child is Rs. 30,000/- per year.

Free Distribution of Braille Kit

Every blind child irrespective of whether he/she is studying in special school or IE program must have access to a braille kit.A Braille kit contains basic educational devices needed by blind students for learning braille, arithmetic, geometry, etc. The cost of a Braille kit is Rs.1,365/- (Including 5% GST).NAB distributes Braille kits every year to students studying in schools for the blind and IE program in U.P.

Sale of Aids and Equipments

The Department stocks basic assistive devices used by the visually challenged in education, mobility, recreation etc. These items purchased from various manufacturers are made available to individuals and organizations, at cost.

Professional staff of the Department participates in various seminars, workshops, training programs etc., in consultative capacity.


Gandhi Jayanti Celebration
Visually impaired university students visiting NAB headquarters at Mumbai organised by NAB U.P
Governor Shri Ram Naik JI meeting a delegtion of NAB U.P
AICB-CBM workshop attended by NAB U.P
Laurels accredited by NAB
Blind Cricket Team sponsored by NAB U.P playiing interstate cricket tournaments